Monday, June 13, 2016

Early years of Irrigation District revisited

Chadron Record publishing a five-part series about Whitney Irrigation District

Workers toil during installation of the White River diversion line west of Whitney Lake (1923-25)

We were contacted a few weeks ago about sharing several Whitney Irrigation District photographs we'd posted in Whitney Reflections photo galleries some years back.  The caller was Kerri Rempp, editor for the Chadron Record, who alerted us to a series of five stories she's authoring about the "creation and struggles" of the irrigation district in its early years.

A couple of the stories already have been published in the Record, and we're providing links to them from this Whitney Reflections website.  And as each part of this series appears online, we'll provide a link to the story.  You'll find those links displayed at the top of the column on the right side of this page.

Kerri has done a good job poring through and making sense of the old irrigation district documents, including the considerable works assembled by George Lawrence.  We think you'll enjoy her stories and encourage you to read each of the five parts in the series.
And if you have a hankering to look at more pictures, check out the Construction Photos we posted a few years ago.  There's also a separate but equally interesting gallery of "Other WID area photos."