Sunday, September 23, 2012

More of old Whitney revealed

We've been so deeply immersed in another project that we've not had to time to adequately review and share some great new photos of old Whitney shared by Beverly Jean (Hansen) Pope of Ontario, California.

Jeannie is the granddaughter of Lura Mayfield -- a family name well-known around Dawes County in days gone by.

This undated photo shows the Whitney school in the left background, and a part of the Woodmen Hall building at the far left.  This is one of the few images we've seen of Woodmen Hall, which was an all-purpose gathering place and also -- we've been told -- the location of the movie theatre.

We believe the house shown here is the same structure in which Scottie and Naomi Rankin lived for many years.  On a personal note, just beyond the barn behind the house -- and barely visible -- is the roof of another house.  We recognize that as the house occupied for many years by Bill and Marie (Miller) Derrick. 

To get a closer look at this photo, we invite you to go to our Whitney Reflections Gallery, where we'll be sharing additional photographs in the coming weeks.  A tip of the hat and a big "Thank You" to Jeannie Pope for sharing these photos.