Saturday, March 31, 2012

Warring UMC celebrates 125 years

Just over 100 people filled the Warring Memorial United Methodist Church in Whitney last Sunday (3/25/2012) to help celebrate the 125th anniversary of the church.

While it fell a bit short of the crowd the 150 or so folks who showed up for the 75th anniversary back in 1962, it was a terrific gathering and featured an excellent sermon entitled “Transformed and Transforming” delivered by Bishop Ann Brookshire Sherer-Simpson.

The children did an outstanding job performing some of the  great
music on the program for the 125th Anniversary of Warring UMC.
There were only a few people on hand last weekend who were also here to help celebrate back in 1962.  Among them was Budge Cripps.  A story in the June 29, 1962 Crawford Tribune noted that “the service closed with ‘Our 75th Anniversary’ sung by Bernard Cripps.  The words were written by Mabel Kendrick.”

Youngster always seem to upstage the adults, and it was no different last weekend when the children of the church assembled at the front of the sanctuary for some stirring musical performances – including some creative music with bells!

The 10:00 a.m. worship service welcomed Methodist congregations from Harrison and Crawford, Nebraska -- along with several other out-of-town guests.  Following the service, a carry-in meal was held in the church basement, which was brimming with fellowship and celebration. 

We did manage to capture a few candid moments of fellowship in the church basement during and following the meal.  And while we weren’t able to include everyone in the photos, they do include a variety of folks you probably know.  You’ll find them in our Warring UMC Gallery.

For those of us who were guests, "Thank You" to the members of the Whitney congregation who hosted this wonderful event.